Whistler Longboard Festival 2013 - results

Jimmy Riha wins Whistler Longboard Festival
Pic by Whistler Longboard Festival
Yesterday was race day at Whistler’s sliding center, where 96 riders battled it out in 32 sun covered heats for the top 3 podium spots.

The entire final was broadcasted live and they did a super job. Super camera shots, a kick ass cable cam providing top notch footage and live comments.

Also the chat was buzzing with skate fans from all over the world and included riders such as Martin Siegrist, Calvin Staub and Matt Arderne.

The races were exciting but also unfortunate for some, like Chip Wood. In his first round he ran over a chipmunk which jumped on the road and caused him to go down.

The races got even more exciting towards the last heats. Semi final A was nerve wracking and saw Jimmy “Rad Train” Riha, Kevin Reimer and James Kelly advance in a close call finish. Semi final B had a big crash involving 5 riders, so Byron Essert had a fairly easy (but deserved) win.

The final was it was all about. It was close the entire way down, James en Kevin were doing their dance like they did last year, wondering “Will they crash again ?” and while fighting to stay ahead of the other Jimmy Riha got the inside line and beat them both. What a win !

Below are all results from Whistler Longboard Festival.

Open 96 bracket

  1. Jimmy Riha
  2. James Kelly
  3. Kevin Reimer
  4. Nicolas Desmarais
  5. Dillon Stephens
  6. Ricardo Reis
  7. Byron Essert
  8. Brendan Davidson
  9. Riley Harris
  10. Chadwick Gibson
  11. Jackson Shapiera
  12. Max Ballesteros
  13. Patrick Switzer
  14. Justin Rouleau
  15. Tony Graves
  16. Bryce Brady
  17. Nick Breton
  18. George Mackenzie
  19. Kyle Wester
  20. Spencer Smith
  21. Max Wippermann
  22. Charlie Darragh
  23. John Barnet
  24. Brian Cortright
  25. Jonas Richter
  26. Alex Charleson
  27. Charles Ouimet
  28. Aidan Lynds
  29. Graham Collingwood
  30. Luke Melo
  31. Ville Hietala
  32. Maxwell Capps
  33. Louis Pilloni
  34. Kyle Martin
  35. Thiago Duarte
  36. Graeme Hystad
  37. Scott Lembach
  38. Alex Hannigan
  39. Danny Carlson
  40. Connor Wagner
  41. Zak Maytum
  42. Elena Corrigall
  43. Ethan Lau
  44. Tommy Watson
  45. Alex Dehmel
  46. Garrett Creamer
  47. Mathew Kroetsch
  48. Cam Brickenden
  49. Justin Reading
  50. Mackenzie Yoshida
  51. David Price
  52. Maxim Garant-Rousseau
  53. Jeff Woodfine
  54. Travis Craig
  55. Anna O’Neill
  56. Deen Mondt
  57. Jordan Perrett
  58. Zen Shikaze
  59. Leon Ritter
  60. Ryan Vitale
  61. Chase Johnson
  62. Alex Johnston
  63. Chance Gaul
  64. Jordan LeBlanc
  65. Peter Eubank
  66. Wolfgang Coleman
  67. Dane Hanna
  68. Bradley Cameron
  69. Tyler Guimond
  70. Dan Thatcher
  71. Roberto Cobian
  72. Liam Morgan
  73. Bryan Reich
  74. Doug Tolman
  75. Zac Sharp
  76. Pablo Quiles
  77. Andrew Chapman
  78. Nick Lutsenko
  79. Clayton Romaniuk
  80. Brennan Abildt
  81. Justen Ortiz
  82. Noah Sakamoto
  83. Kevin Bouaich
  84. Michael Labreche
  85. Max Gradlmiller
  86. Gunnar Morin
  87. Brendan Cummings
  88. Connor Ferguson
  89. Chip Wood
  90. Patrick Schep
  91. Max Myers
  92. Colm Lyons
  93. Carlos Lascoutx
  94. James Ware
  95. Pedro Frangulis
  96. Drew Edwards


  1. Elena Corrigall
  2. Anna O’Neil
  3. Marie Bougourd

Street luge

  1. Abdil Mahdzan
  2. Kolby Parks
  3. Peter Elliott


  1. Alex Hannigan
  2. Connor Fergusson
  3. Bryan Reich


  1. Knox Heslop
  2. Quinn Dubois
  3. Charlie Mc Millan

Masters (age 40+)

  1. Scott Lembach
  2. Franck Cotté
  3. Peter Morin

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